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Dropped D Tuning was popular around TG Central this week. I got a bug to resurrect a few pieces that I do not play often enough, including one that was in danger of really getting away from me.

I started with one from Cobble Creek, Montaña de Oro, and ended with Imagine That, as I recall, with a few other snippets sprinkled in as well.

In between there were tangents on the busking thread, electric guitars, my guitars (a very modest collection with a couple somewhat special instruments), a heavy metal audition for the Time Zone Zombies, and another plug for John Jameson’s CD.

The new stuff this week included Junk by Paul McCartney, Ironic by Alanis Morissette, and Sandy’s 2nd lesson where we looked at John Denver’s My Sweet Lady.

I hope you enjoy the update,



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Totally Guitars News Podcast

Picks, thumbtacks, and an original CD from a long time member of the TG Community. Welcome to April, where showers are continuing here in Northern California.

Today’s update started with a John Fahey piece that crossed my path again after many years, Some Summer Day. A question came to me last week about using a thumb pick and this song is an example of when I might grab one. It is all explained in the segment, along with other thoughts on flat pick tricks.

Some other tunes broke out at various times, including Faro’s Rag by John Renbourn, snippets of things I sometimes use a thumb pick on, like Pipeline, The Clap, and Anji.

And I passed out some thoughts on playing perfectly for a recording, why the notes in Is There Anybody Out There might have the illusion of moving faster, and a little Neil Young bootleg memory.

In the continuing lesson release program we got Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, courtesy of our TotallyElectric buddy Max, and a pair of U2 songs from Vanessa, In God’s Country and Running To Stand Still.

The big thing for me this week was hearing John Jameson’s CD, Home. John has been at our last three IGCs and it really helped him get on the songwriting and recording path. The disc is available at iTunes, CDBaby, and maybe soon directly from John for those who might like autographed copies. John will be joining us at Asilomar as well for IGC 2017, where the CDs will be available too.

That’s the update for this week,



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Totally Guitars News Podcast

So sappy songs week has come and gone, or has it? Today’s update included a few of my favorites, along with bungled attempts at some others.

I guess we can blame Vanessa for breaking out You Needed Me by Anne Murray, and it was a bit coincidental that I threw in John Denver’s My Sweet Lady (although the blame there clearly goes to Bart and Sandy), but with the addition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood lesson I was really feeling the need to rock it out a bit. Unfortunately, the closest thing I could come up with on the spot was a stab at a song that reminds me of the Jefferson Starship, not sure if that is a better or worse situation.

Among the rambling and scrambling, there were a couple of musical puzzles, looking at similarities between seemingly unrelated songs.

And yes it was The Grateful Dead, but other songs in the category would include House At Pooh Corner and Kodachrome, not really Living In The Past or Money (Pink Floyd), although they have something in the same direction.

There was also a little IGC talk as we have solidified everything with Asilomar, and some background info on some of the faces in the 2016 Highlight Video that finally surfaced this week.

If all of this added something to everybody’s overall confusion level my job is complete, for the time being.

Back in April, I hope.


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