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Today’s update included a few pieces in Dropped D Tuning, due to a piece that I should have brought up on the What Are You Working On Thread.

When I was visiting relatives last week a song popped up in my iTunes that I had heard for years but this time I couldn’t get rid of it. I started working on a solo guitar arrangement the other day and got obsessed enough to let everything else drop.

I hope you enjoy the little teaser but I would be shocked if anybody out there could place it, even with a few hints. Hopefully a new instrumental lesson will come out of it soon.

In any case, it did get me playing a few classics in Dropped D that you should know, even ending with a short improv that appeared as I was trying to sign off.

I do want to thank my long time student and friend Fred for being a good sport and tackling Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues at his lesson last week. It got me inspired to finish a lesson on the great Danny O’Keefe song. We may have a FOTW in the bank on that as well now.

Our other new lessons were all new songs to me, Bad Day by Daniel Powter, Two Hands Of A Prayer by Ben Harper, and Starving by Hailee Steinfeld.

A little sideline that appeared was almost show and tell from our trip, a couple souvenirs from Kaua’i- a custom shirt courtesy of Jacqueline and her tiny shop in Hanapepe, and a memorable beer can. You will have to see the video for more info on that.

OK, though the weekend and Halloween, I hope all is well with everyone in the TG World!



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Totally Guitars News Podcast

It has been a couple very busy weeks here at TG Central. Nani and I were out visiting relatives for a long weekend in Hawaii, and the house is on its way to being solar powered, which means a couple times of no power. But in the meantime here at TG we managed a nice variety of new lessons.

Max brought us Michael Jackson’s Rock With You, Vanessa introduced us to Ruth B and Lost Boy, and I got to a very old tune, Affair On 8th Avenue by Gordon Lightfoot, a pretty new tune, One Horse Town by Blackberry Smoke, and a Fly On The Wall with Ed looking at Bob Dylan’s Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.

I am glad I finally got to the Gordon Lightfoot song as it got me reminiscing about many of his early songs I used to play and sing. It also got me back to listening to those early albums. I heartily recommend The Way I Feel, Did She Mention My Name, Back Here On Earth, and Sunday Concert, all of which predated his big first hit, If You Could Read My Mind.

Of course the great albums and songs continued and I would probably pick Summertime Dream as my favorite of what might be considered his middle period. Be sure to check some of them out when you can.

And before anybody asks for tab, the intro and outro today were just noodling, rambling improvs.



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Totally Guitars News Podcast

This week was probably one of the most diverse we have had in a long time, considering the new lessons.

We had a band that was new to me, a song that was new by an artist I was a little familiar with, and a favorite of mine that I gather was unknown outside the US. Then there was a Fly On The Wall video with Ed working on a somewhat obscure Townes Van Zandt tune, Loretta.

The lessons I referred to earlier were Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden, Ben Harper’s Burn One Down, and Amsterdam by Guster.

The opening instrumental I played was based on a song I have been planning a lesson on but it may take a little while to get to it as there are a few others in the queue first.

I’m not sure what possessed me to butcher it into ragtime at the end of the video but sometimes these things get out of hand.

Away next week visiting relatives so there may be no update but back in two for sure.